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     Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the optic nerve.  It is known as the silent stealer of sight as it typically manifests over the course of decades, and the peripheral vision loss is typically not perceived by the patient until it's often too late.   Over 3 million Americans have glaucoma but only half actually know they have it.  According to WHO, it is second only to diabetic retinopathy as the leading cause of blindness worldwide.  

     The 3 preliminary evaluations that must be included in every thorough eye exam are

                  Intraocular Pressure, Optic Nerve Cupping, and Visual Field Analysis.  

     The OHTS study revealed that some patients with high pressures never actually advance to primary open angle glaucoma, and it also pointed out that many patients with low pressures do slowly develop glaucoma.   Low tension glaucoma is often far more sight threatening than primary open angle (high tension) glaucoma.  Studies have also illuminated critical benefits of other diagnostic testing such as pachymetry (cornea thickness measurement) and optical coherence tomography (retinal nerve fiber thickness analysis).  Diabetes is also a risk factor. Specialists have suggested that structural damage to the optic nerve precedes functional impairment by as much as 5 years.  With this in mind, I insist on a perfect visual field for all of my patients.   It's a quick neurological test that I have used to diagnose brain tumors, strokes, and migraine deficiencies as well as many other eye-brain pathway related injuries.  It's often a bit challenging for even the healthiest of patients.  

     I am on medicare and medicaid and accept all medical insurances.   I consider it a civic duty to properly evaluate anyone over the age of 50 for signs of glaucoma.   I have extensive experience in medical testing as well as medical billing which means I can assure you insurance coverage.  If you have a family history or are over the age of 50, schedule your 24-2 Visual Field test with us today as it rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes.

                                                              Don't Lose Sight Of Glaucoma

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